Our Services

  1. We organize community events to remember our motherland.
  2. We celebrate Sierra Leone’s independence day
  3. We celebrate Canada Day
  4. Help newcomers from Sierra Leone to connect with people in our community
  5. We offer programs to help newcomers succeed through personalized settlement plans

Specialized Programs for SALNAM Youth

A one-day program introduces young people to issues of law and politics by taking a youth group to visit a prison, meet with two police officers (one man, one woman) and talk to an MP.

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We are here for every Sierra Leonean in Manitoba Canada

  1. We help newcomers to locate services in the province of Manitoba, such as language classes, employment services, help filling out forms and applications, information about community services.
  2. We provide, training to understand the value of diversity and inclusion.
  3. We advise our community members to be aware of some of the barriers that challenge inclusion through examples.
  4. SALNAM offers services and programs for Sierra Leoneans that are already here and newcomers.
  5. Developed projects to empower the ethno cultural communities by providing them with information on services available in the community and how to access them. At the same time SALNAM provides education and cultural sensitivity training to Sierra Leonean children born in Canada.
  6. We also refer newcomers having family crises to our community’s settlement counselors (Palaver Hut). As an immigrant-serving organization, we work with family therapists to develop a multiple partnership model for the delivery of culturally appropriate family counselling services.

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Memuna Marah

Sierra Leone National association of Manitoba – SALNAM is an association of Sierra Leoneans living in the province of Manitoba, working together formally to coordinate activities and hence promotes a common purpose. Speak with one voice on issues with integration of newcomers into the Canadian system.

Immigrating to a new country is one of the biggest changes you may face in life. Moving to a new country and adapting to a different culture can be complicated and challenging.

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In the Sierra Leonean tradition, the “self” is not separate from its environment, it is united and intermingled with the natural and social environment.It is through relations with one’s community and surroundings that an individual becomes a person of volition, whose actions and decisions affect the entire group rather than just oneself. There is a proverb that is common to all African cultures and languages, “A person is a person through persons”. The rich and diverse Sierra Leonean culture varies not only from one province to another, but within each ethnic group as well. The culture of each ethnic group centers on family and can be found in each group’s art, music and oral literature. Ethnic groups have customs that are unique to their culture. 


We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us organize SALNAM Events. Responsibilities include providing outstanding customer service and organizing memorable events that meet quality expectations.

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