The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) is a nonprofit. nonpolitical organization dedicated to promoting the cultural heritage of Sierra Leoneans living in Manitoba. and assisting its members to integrate into Canadian society.  

SALNAM achieves this goal through the delivery of community-based support services including complementary services to its members. At present our community has an estimated population of between 700 and 800 people.  

Consisting of community members who immigrated to this land during the decade long war in the homeland and young people under the age of 30. Our population, like many others, is still growing.  

Many households are headed by single parents mostly women with little formal educational background and training.  

SALNAM’s goals and mandates is to facilitate the integration and upward social and economic mobility of its members in the mainstream of Canadian society.  

The President

From the outset of my campaign, we set the theme as one of respect and commitment

Our broad goal is

We are committed to engaging with the community to deal with the challenges and opportunity