Board Members


Ken-Abu Kamara

Financial Secretary

As a Community Organizer I have worked for various organizations and oversee motivating and guiding members to work together.

Memuna Boh Marah

Vice President

I network and mobilize the community to support a cause, develop programs or initiate any other positive social impact

Alikali Alhajie Turay

General Secretary

I take notes, call minutes, at board meetings, then submit those minutes for amendment or approval by the board

Halimatu Kamara

Social Secretary

I have been with SALNAM for 6 years. I organize appropriate annual social functions, such as a Christmas, Canada day event, etc.

Margaret Konteh

Public Relations

For 2 years now I have been managing how others see and feel about SALNAM. I am focusing on maintaining a positive community image....

The President

Food For My Community

Our Food Distribution program is back If you need assistance contact us today!

Ken-Abu Kamara

Support Committee

One of our primary endeavors is to ensure we support the needy in our community.