We resumed our Food Distribution program on March 04, 2022, to benefit low-income families, newcomers, single parents, and seniors in the community.  

Our primary goal is to support the needy in our community. If you need help with some food or items in the next couple of weeks, please contact one of our executive members to get you enrolled into our system.  

Before COVID-19, food insecurity in our community was low. Now, as the pandemic increases, food insecurity is exceedingly high. We are working harder than ever to bring levels back to a two-year low.  

Our support committee has been able to identify families that need special attention because of the multiple challenges they are going through during these tough times. So, if you are one of those families be rest assured that we will deliver your food package as soon as we hear from you while observing all covid 19 protocols.  


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From the outset of my campaign, we set the theme as one of respect and commitment

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