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Happy Canada Day!

Dear Community members,

Happy Canada Day!

As you may know or expect, due to poor weather conditions that make it unsuitable for group outside activities and fun gatherings, we are left with little choice but to sadly announce that we are cancelling our planned celebrations of Canada Day that is planned to take place this afternoon between 1 p.m and 8: p.m.

As our plans for food was not contingent on the weather forecast situation, we are kindly asking community members to come and pick up some food at our vice president residence at 83 Prevette Street. As executive members, we will be converging there at least to socialize with one another and have something at least to celebrate on this special day.

We are inviting you to join us.  

See you there this afternoon.

Please come and join us there!


SALNAM FC (Pictures)

SALNAM Football Club Game and practices at 80 Churchill Driver

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SALNAM Trains and Inducts Young Aspiring Leaders to 

Become Future Impactful Community Leaders

Amadu Sidi Bah, Winnipeg, Canada. March 22, 2024.

Training young leaders to assume the mantle of strong, managerial, inclusive and transformational leadership in any company or organization has never been more urgent in a world in which finding good future leaders not only becomes a challenge but a distant possibility.

In a bid to overcome this challenge, while having in mind the present and future needs for good leaders in our community, SALNAM took a bold step to launch the special future young leaders’ program. This program is designed to train and empower a group of young Sierra Leonean who will ultimately form a class of trained and empowered future leaders that would be well-equipped to steer the affairs of the community when called upon to do in the nearest future. In the words of the president, Mr Mo Koroma “these youths are our fine future leaders who can step in our shoes when we retire and at a time we would need them most to continue building upon the foundation of successes from my administration and the previous ones and help grow the community. Preparing our leaders of tomorrow is a strategic move to avoid leadership failures in the future”

To achieve this important aim and vision, SALNAM just concluded a six-week intensive and hands-on training that targeted a number of youths on various important topics of leadership. The training is among a number of planned activities to instill and diffuse leadership values and principles in the participants. The project encompasses other related pos- training activities that involve applying the skills learnt in practical situations and to be involved in upcoming community events with a youth-focus.

In order to exposing the participant to the best possible exposure in leadership training, SALNAM recruited a renowned expert, a well-established leadership mentor and professional versed in the discipline of leadership theory and practice- Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Executive Coach from the Ultimate Potentials firm. Ultimate Potentials is a renowned leadership training institute that has built a strong standing for providing leadership training to many outstanding institutions in and outside Manitoba for a considerable number of years. The firm produced a workbook for each participant that incorporated the state of art knowledge and tools on what it takes to be inclusive and transformative leaders now and in future.
Participants from the training sessions expressed their delight for participating in a first program of its kind and learnt foundational concepts related to topics including but not limited to:

· Self-leadership

· Leading social initiative

· Leading sustainability and environmental issues

· Leading a psychologically safe system of work

· Leading collaboration and teambuilding

· Leading with technical skills aligned with inter-human responsibilities

The component of the training workshop started in February and ended on March 16, 2024.

Applying post training skills, knowledge and abilities is a process. And with this in mind, there are already plans for post-training initiatives intended to ground participant with solid skills on and ongoing basis and these include for example, identifying future leader support leads. This scheme will involve selected top graduates who will be prepared to serve as peer supporters for other aspiring future leaders. Another pillar of this plan is to involve some participants in direct mentorship with the program facilitator, working alongside the firm in carrying out related program that will attract some stipend rewards.

The SALNAM executive expresses heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming support received from the funding agency- The supporting Black Canadian Community Initiatives (SBCC1), the tireless work of key executive members who volunteered their time and resources to prepare food in order to make the program a success. Mrs. Margaret Konteh, Mrs. Aisha Bangura, Mrs. Halimatu Kamara and the president himself Mr. Mo Koroma deserve special mention. Amadu Sidi Bah with support from the president carried out the project planning work that included drafting and finalizing the project related documents and successfully undertook pre-project implementation ground work.


2024 African Cup of Nations Tournament

The African Cup of Nations tournament is designed to unify Manitoba’s African communities and bring attention to those in need of support. The tournament is an eight-week-long soccer competition hosted yearly within June to August that features soccer teams from various African communities competing for the CACN cup, in friendly but competitive soccer matches. -CACN


SALNAM Leadership Workshop

Download SALNAM Future Leaders Workbook. Credit to Ultimate Potentials.

SALNAM Launches a Youth Leadership Capacity Building Program

By Mrs. Aisha Bangura, SALNAM Secretary General, Winnipeg, Canada.

SALNAM is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative designed to enable our community youths to master foundational knowledge skills in leadership, interpersonal and social connections.

As a first program of its kind, its primary goal is to empower aspiring young community leaders to exercise essential leadership and interpersonal skills while embracing inclusion and diversity as they seek to play a more active role in various economic and cultural development projects in our community.

Our aim at the end of the program is to motivate our future young leaders to increase their engagement in leading projects and programs that will help bring the community closer and preserve rich cultural values.

The program will also provide a unique opportunity to train our youths and build the necessary connections that will lead to productive relationships and interactions vital to sustaining the community in the future.

The preparation of the program is at an advanced stage.

A renowned leadership training expert has been identified, and the contract has been signed. We plan to commence the program in early February 2024 and end in mid-March.

The program embraces a training workshop and post-training mentoring activities of our successfully selected youth participants.

Participants chosen will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program and an allowance of 50 dollars for participating.

To be considered, participating youths must be between the ages of 16 to 30.

Please submit your son’s or daughter’s name to Mrs. Aisha Bangura or Halimatu, our social secretary. Spaces are limited to fifteen maximums.

The condition for the participants is to meet the age requirements and be committed to attending all the sessions, which will be spread over two-hour weekly sessions for between 4 and 6 six weeks. (on a weekend).

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back from you. – Mrs. Aisha Bangura



Global Drama

In crisis, we reveal who we are


Global Drama

A co-production  with  Black Theatre Workshop

There are those who stand apart by the merit of the work they do – whether they want to or not. Abdul and Solomon introduce newbie Bai to the intricacies and dignity of gravedigging for the town down the hill. But when illness hits the town in Sierra Leone, the three must make the best of a bad situation as their workload increases and their supports from the community diminish. Full of song, laughter, tears and beautiful humanity, Diggers is a tribute to essential workers.

World Premiere

Credit from PTE Team

SALNAM_Kids Christmas2023-1

SALNAM Kids Christmas Party – 2023

SALNAM Hosted a Special Kids Christmas Party

By Amadu Sidi Bah, Winnipeg, Canada. December 24, 2023.

Sierra Leoneans have a tradition of sharing and giving gifts from immemorial time. At special holiday seasons such as Christmas, the act of giving takes a significant turn. And this year and for the first time, SALNAM has shown the community that our kids, who are our gems and future leaders, deserve special attention. In building up to the Christmas momentum this year, the Moe Koroma led SALNAM has yet again shown that our community kids are our everything. 

Providing a Christmas party was not the only purpose, as the fact that massive amount of gifts were given to each of our kids that attended the merry-making occasion. What more! It was a free- event for all to attend. 

The event took place at St. Marks Place on December 16, 2023. Kids and young children accompanied by their parents showed up in their numbers for the events. A major highlight of the event was the attendance of Father Christmas, Santa Claus, which drew lots of fun and excitement from the kids. The atmosphere was hilarious and boisterous. All the kids lined up for their gifts and to take a photo with Father Christmas. 

Food, drinks, pizza and delicious jollof with chicken and not to mention fruit salads were in abundance. We are blessed with exceptional ladies who took their valuable time and made personal sacrifices to organize the event to success.

Our tireless vice president, Mrs. Margaret Konteh supported by the lead organizers: our assistant secretary general, Mariama Sesay and social Secretary madam Halima, the financial secretary, Mrs. Hawa Tengbeh and the first lady, Mrs. Koroma deserved wonderful praises. Treasurer, Mr. Amadu Sidi Bah and with support from the president provided important backstopping support to make the occasion a success. 

Pictures contributed by Mrs. Margaret Konteh 

Events 2

SALNAM Annual Banquet Raffle

Please click on Download button to see all raffles Prize to be won by anyone on December 31, 2023. Seasons Greetings and Happy New year! (2024)