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2024 African Cup of Nations Tournament

The African Cup of Nations tournament is designed to unify Manitoba’s African communities and bring attention to those in need of support. The tournament is an eight-week-long soccer competition hosted yearly within June to August that features soccer teams from various African communities competing for the CACN cup, in friendly but competitive soccer matches. -CACN



Global Drama

In crisis, we reveal who we are


Global Drama

A co-production  with  Black Theatre Workshop

There are those who stand apart by the merit of the work they do – whether they want to or not. Abdul and Solomon introduce newbie Bai to the intricacies and dignity of gravedigging for the town down the hill. But when illness hits the town in Sierra Leone, the three must make the best of a bad situation as their workload increases and their supports from the community diminish. Full of song, laughter, tears and beautiful humanity, Diggers is a tribute to essential workers.

World Premiere

Credit from PTE Team