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Resumption Of Food Distribution Exercise

The executive of SALNAM is pleased to inform community members about resumption of the food distribution exercise.  

SALNAM has commenced the distribution of food items since March 4,2022 and SALNAM shall continue to do so, for the weeks to come. Our target is to help low-income families, seniors, single parents, and those who have lost their jobs but are actively looking for jobs. Our goal is to strengthen and support our community and vulnerable groups within our community. Please do not hesitate to contact any SALNAM executive member to be registered and be a beneficiary if you are qualified.  

Please note, this is only for families specified for the categories above. If you do not meet the threshold, please do not apply. 

SALNAM already has a list of the initial beneficiaries and intends to expand on it. SALNAM thanks Manitoba Harvest for the funding. We also want to thank the support committee of SALNAM who have contributed immensely to this success story. 

Assistance in the Student Program

Many, many thanks to our indefatigable team members of SALNAM for their relentless efforts. God bless us all.  Finally, SALNAM appeals to community members to help SALNAM to identify deserving families to get this much needed help.

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