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SALNAM Annual Report

Download SALNAM Annual Report 2023

Dear community members,
On behalf of the SALNAM executive, we thank you all for supporting our great community. I want to let you know that your service is greatly appreciated. Those that are yet to come, please come. We are one people.
The year is almost ending; we are all grateful to the Almighty God for keeping us and our families safe. Please let us all stay optimistic for a glorious new year. On that note, we would like to invite everyone to the end-of-year community gardening, where we will meet to pray, talk and celebrate as a family. Please note that tickets are already available at $35. We all know how prices are these days. Please, let’s come together; we can make a difference.

Furthermore, I have attached our 2023 annual report for everyone to see what we have done so far for 2023.

My sincerely regards


Mrs. Aisha Bangura

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