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SALNAM Kids Christmas Party – 2023

SALNAM Hosted a Special Kids Christmas Party

By Amadu Sidi Bah, Winnipeg, Canada. December 24, 2023.

Sierra Leoneans have a tradition of sharing and giving gifts from immemorial time. At special holiday seasons such as Christmas, the act of giving takes a significant turn. And this year and for the first time, SALNAM has shown the community that our kids, who are our gems and future leaders, deserve special attention. In building up to the Christmas momentum this year, the Moe Koroma led SALNAM has yet again shown that our community kids are our everything. 

Providing a Christmas party was not the only purpose, as the fact that massive amount of gifts were given to each of our kids that attended the merry-making occasion. What more! It was a free- event for all to attend. 

The event took place at St. Marks Place on December 16, 2023. Kids and young children accompanied by their parents showed up in their numbers for the events. A major highlight of the event was the attendance of Father Christmas, Santa Claus, which drew lots of fun and excitement from the kids. The atmosphere was hilarious and boisterous. All the kids lined up for their gifts and to take a photo with Father Christmas. 

Food, drinks, pizza and delicious jollof with chicken and not to mention fruit salads were in abundance. We are blessed with exceptional ladies who took their valuable time and made personal sacrifices to organize the event to success.

Our tireless vice president, Mrs. Margaret Konteh supported by the lead organizers: our assistant secretary general, Mariama Sesay and social Secretary madam Halima, the financial secretary, Mrs. Hawa Tengbeh and the first lady, Mrs. Koroma deserved wonderful praises. Treasurer, Mr. Amadu Sidi Bah and with support from the president provided important backstopping support to make the occasion a success. 

Pictures contributed by Mrs. Margaret Konteh 

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